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Outpatient Treatment Programs

Helping clients to more smoothly and seamlessly adapt back into their families and communities. Programs are designed to establish support mechanisms, help with substance relapse, and provide coping strategies.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Ascent created an effective outpatient program based on SAMSHA’s evidence-based research and practices. Ideal candidates for intensive outpatient treatment have a safe home environment. If a person lives with other people who use drugs or drink, residential treatment is generally recommended to get the person away from these triggers for relapse. While not as intensive as inpatient, outpatient programs are designed to establish support mechanisms, help with relapse management, and provide coping strategies.

Groups are conveniently available during the day and evening to accommodate different schedules. Participants meet three times a week during two hour sessions, one four hour session per week, and monthly individual sessions. Those that complete the lesson plans and maintain sobriety typically finish the program in about 6 weeks and graduate to supportive outpatient treatment. IOP is typically 6 weeks long but can vary based on patient need. Once IOP is completed, the patient will move to Supportive Outpatient Programming.

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Supportive Outpatient Treatment

An SOP is best suited for those that have graduated from IOP. This flexible plan allows the individual to prioritize their recovery while working and formulating a proper discharge plan with their manager.

The program aims to help the patient maintain sobriety, improve health, strengthen community, and enhance a career. SOP Is typically 13 weeks long but can vary based on the patient’s need PHASE II: two hour sessions at intervals of two per week with monthly patient sessions (8 weeks). PHASE III: two hour sessions at intervals of one per week with monthly patient sessions (5 weeks).

How to Enroll in Treatment


Reach Out

Call 719-633-5298 or send a text to 719-286-0750, or email connect@ascent.care to make your first appointment.


An intake specialist will identify your financial eligibility. At Ascent, we accept most insurances and our services are covered at little-to-no cost.


A licensed clinician will determine an evidence-based treatment plan that works best for you. We have the resources to help you move toward a healthy recovery.


Begin your path toward recovery as recommended by your team of clinicians. Attend supervised virtual health appointments and complete your program.